Horse Riding Mistakes You Can Avoid

Horseback riding can be likened to a romantic fantasy. Imagine yourself on that powerful flesh of a speed machine boldly riding in the whirlwind with explosive energy with the wind whipping its mane making it dance rhythmically. The prancing hooves and the neighing sound announcing your arrival. Now hold your horse a bit cowboy! If you don’t know how to ride all you will end up looking like is a bungling idiot horseback riding. In order not to make a fool of yourself, here are some of the horse riding mistakes you can avoid when in the saddle.

Wearing Loose Fitting Clothes

Have you ever wondered why equestrian clothing is trim and form-fitting? Flowing loose fitting clothings be it scarves, tops with loose waists, baggy pants and the like can be caught up in the saddle in case you fall. This simple act of getting caught in motion means you getting dragged something that is far more dangerous than half-way down means you could get dragged, and that is far more dangerous such that it can end your life. Be sure that your clothes are equestrian, it’s not only safe but it also makes you more comfortable and relaxed.

Tying Yourself To Either the Saddle or the Horse

It is understandable that you want to secure yourself from a fall. However, attaching yourself to the horse, saddle or reins whichever the way is simply a big mistake. Why? In the event of a fall, it is important that you fall free lessening the chances of being dragged which is worse than falling given the injuries you will sustain.

Releasing the Reins

The reins are like the steering wheel of your vehicle which in this case is the horse. Encountering a scary situation and releasing the reins means you release control of your vehicle the horse. Remember unlike a car a horse is a living animal and being so this reaction on your part could actually also frighten and confuse your horse. This is compounded if you lean forward and grab its neck. Regardless of how scary a situation might be while horseback riding, never releases the reins. This means not panicking, taking a deep breath and holding on. Maintaining your grip on the reins is far much safer than performing a hallelujah to your only chance of staying in control and possibly staying alive.

Trying to Stay on by Holding the Saddle

The only purpose of saddles and stirrups is to facilitate your sitting on the horse and as an aid in helping you as the rider in keeping your balance. None of them is a holding on a device. This bad act can also turn into a habit. If a fall is really eminent, trying to stay on by holding the saddle may shift it to either side. On the other hand, holding on to it tightly has the potential of resulting into you being dragged. Considering the dangers of these, it is better off that you release your grip and fall clear of the horse which though beautiful is still a beastly animal. To be a good rider you should practice the balancing act of shifting the saddle into its rightful place the moment you feel it turning.

Bottom line is that perfecting horseback riding is a life-long journey. And just as is with any other skill, practice makes perfect. Also, for best experience, learn the best way to heal sunburn fast. You’ll be sunburn a lot of times.